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Responsibility for firearms is shared between the Australian, state and territory governments.

Firearm laws

A number of agreements have resulted in national standards for the control of firearms in Australia. These include:

Importing firearms

The importation of firearms is controlled under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. Depending on what you want to import, you will need to get permission from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, your state or territory firearms registry or the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.

Information for importers is being updated following recent amendments made to the Regulations.

Applications for import permission must be made on the following form:

Application forms and supporting documentation can be sent to

State and territory regulation

State and territory governments are responsible for regulating ownership, licensing, use and sale of firearms.

Information on firearms including licences, registration, ownership, safety training, storage standards, compliance and the sale of firearms is available through your state and territory firearms contacts.

More information for each state and territory is available at the following websites:

Exporting firearms

For information on exporting firearms, contact the Defence Export Control Office or the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Australia and international firearm issues

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade leads Australia’s international work on firearm issues.


Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group – This group aims to help develop national and consistent policy on firearms and weapons-related issues that are common to all jurisdictions.

Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council –The Council operated between July 2013 until November 2013. During this time it provided advice to government relating to the regulation of the importation of firearms, issues of national importance, emerging firearms technology and other matters upon request.

Following the Australian Government’s announcement on 8 November 2013 to abolish or rationalise a number of non-statutory bodies, the Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council has closed. The closure of this group is a whole-of-government decision that was taken to simplify and streamline the business of government and will not affect on-going consultation with the firearms community as required.

Public consultation – We consult formally and informally with a wide variety of stakeholders, committees and working groups as well as the general public to develop policy and ensure national consistency among states and territories. We also consult with the public on any proposed changes to the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.