Country programs

For information about individual adoption applications contact your state or territory central authority.

Australia has adoption arrangements with a number of countries. This department has primary responsibility for the management and establishment of Australia’s intercountry adoption programs.

We maintain programs with countries that are party to the Hague Convention on intercountry adoption. We also have bilateral arrangements with some countries which are not party to the convention.

Programs include:

The program with Ethiopia was closed on 28 June 2012. More information can be found on the Ethiopia page.

Prospective adoptive parents must meet certain criteria to be eligible to adopt a child from overseas. This includes criteria specific to their state or territory of residence, and the country the child is from.

Personal adoption requests to countries where there is not an established program will generally be inconsistent with Australia's management of intercountry adoption programs.

Managing these ad hoc requests involves the commitment of significant resources from governments. This could divert effort from the establishment of broader, more accessible, programs that are likely to better provide for the best interests of children in those countries.