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For marriage celebrants

This is the official site of the Australian Government Marriage Celebrants Program. Anything you read elsewhere that is inconsistent with this site is not accurate.

Important information about the annual registration charge process is available in the current issue of Celebrant Matters and in the Fact Sheets below.

The celebrant registration charge for the 2015-16 year is $240. All celebrants who are registered as at 1 July 2015 will receive an invoice in early July. This will be sent via email unless no email address is recorded on file. In this situation, a hard copy will be sent to the postal address held on file. A copy of the invoice will also be placed on your self-service portal. If you have not received your invoice by Monday 13 July please contact us immediately.

Please check your contact details are up to date before 30 June 2015. The option to update your contact details on the self-service portal will be closed from 1 July 2015 and will reopen 9 July as invoices are generated and distributed. You may still contact the Marriage Celebrants Section for assistance during that time.

This page has information on the following:

Your role as a marriage celebrant—obligations and responsibilities

Being a celebrant is a special and important role in the community. It attracts obligations and legal responsibilities. Failure to meet those responsibilities can have serious consequences.
You must:

All Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants are charged an annual celebrant registration charge of $240.
There are limited circumstances where celebrants can apply for an exemption from the annual celebrant registration charge. Eligibility guidelines are detailed below:

A non-refundable application processing fee of $30 will be charged on all exemption applications.
Marriage celebrants must also register marriages with the registry of births, deaths and marriages in the state or territory in which the marriage took place within fourteen days.
Joining a celebrant association may also be beneficial in your role as celebrant.

Annual Questionnaire

The questionnaire provides you with an opportunity to assess your practices, ensure that you are up to date on any changes to the legislative framework and have considered any issues that affect your duties as a celebrant.
The questionnaire includes both mandatory and voluntary questions. Mandatory questions relate to:

  • confirmation of current contact details
  • an undertaking about familiarity with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants
  • updates about conflict of interest or benefit to business
  • updates on any physical or mental incapacity
  • updates on criminal convictions.

Voluntary questions provide an opportunity for you to advise the department about the number, and type of ceremonies you undertake each year, and also to provide any feedback to the department. 

The questionnaire will be available on the self-service portal from early July until 14 September 2015. You are encouraged to complete the questionnaire through the Marriage Celebrants Self Service Portal at the same time as making payment of the annual registration charge. 

Updating your contact details or circumstances

You must notify the department of changes to your contact details or personal circumstances if you are a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant.
This is a requirement under section 39G of the Marriage Act.
This includes a change in your occupation, business interests or a criminal conviction.
You can update your details via the Marriage Celebrants Self Service Portal or complete a notification form and email it to

You will also need to contact your relevant registry of births, deaths and marriages about changes to your details.
If you are no longer practising as a marriage celebrant, send your request to be removed from the Register of Marriage Celebrants through the Marriage Celebrants Self Service Portal or email your completed form to

Celebrant resources and forms

The Marriage Celebrants Self Service Portal supports marriage celebrants to securely manage their information and engage with the Attorney-General’s Department. Celebrants should use their ‘A’ number to log in.
The Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961 for marriage celebrants contains essential information on solemnising marriages.

The Guidelines on Conflict of interest and benefit to business help celebrants to identify, disclose and avoid a potential conflict of interest or benefit to a business.

The Guidelines on advertising for Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants provides advice on how to develop your advertising material.

The Marriage Celebrant Matters newsletter updates celebrants with important news and events.

Forms for use under the Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 1963 can be found on the Marriage forms page.

Fact Sheets

Ongoing professional development

You must complete five hours of professional development activities each calendar year. This includes compulsory and elective activities.
Disciplinary measures may be imposed if you fail to complete this obligation.
The list of approved OPD activities for 2015 activities is below.

Four registered training organisations provide these activities:

You should contact them directly for information. There are face-to-face and distance education options.
Some celebrant association conferences are now approved to count towards OPD obligations. A list of these is below:

Seeking an exemption from OPD obligations

To seek an exemption from OPD obligations you must meet the criteria outlined in the Guidelines for Exemption from OPD below.

Eligible celebrants can access an exemption application form in the self-service portal.

Celebrant association conferences

Celebrant associations can apply to have their association conferences in 2015 count towards elective ongoing professional development requirements for Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants.
Associations wishing to apply for this should use the following form:

Only association conferences that are listed on the department’s website can count towards your elective ongoing professional development requirements. The celebrant association conferences that have been approved for 2015 are listed below. This list will be updated throughout the year as further conferences are approved.

OPD Paper

In June 2013, the department developed a paper outlining the principles and objectives of ongoing professional development which must be met by approved providers and celebrant association conferences from 2014.

Performance reviews

Your performance as a celebrant will be reviewed regularly to ensure it is satisfactory.

Your review will be based on the information we have in our files and database, and you may be asked for more information. We will let you know when a review will happen, and the outcome when it is completed.

If your performance is unsatisfactory, disciplinary measures may be imposed. You will have the opportunity to comment if this is the outcome of your review.
More information is in the pack you received when you were registered as a celebrant.

Marriage stationery

CanPrint Communications is contracted by the Australian Government to supply marriage stationery—including marriage registers, official forms and certificates.

Authorised marriage celebrants can purchase marriage stationery by contacting CanPrint Communications. Your marriage celebrant registration number must be quoted when purchasing marriage stationery.

Visit the CanPrint Communications website for information, order forms and contact details.
CanPrint Communications is the only authorised supplier of the Form 15 Certificate of Marriage. Visit the downloads section on this webpage for forms and certificates that can be downloaded at no cost.

Certificate IV in Celebrancy review

The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council are reviewing the Certificate IV in Celebrancy which is required for registration as a marriage celebrant.

For more information visit the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council website. Any questions about the review or the review process should be directed to the council at