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Bushfire arson is a major threat to the Australian community, with up to half of all bushfires suspected of being deliberately lit or starting in suspicious circumstances.
Published Monday, 3 May 2010
The Bankruptcy Legislation Amendment Act 2010 received Royal Assent on 14 July 2010.
Published Wednesday, 14 July 2010
The Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender standardise the evidence required for a person to establish or change their sex or gender in personal records held by Australian Government departments and agencies.
Published Thursday, 30 May 2013
The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) provides the appropriate controls for the Australian Government to protect its people, information and assets, at home and overseas.
Published Sunday, 6 June 2010
The Australian Government is pleased to present to the Committee on the Rights of the Child Australia’s combined Second and Third Reports under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Published Monday, 31 March 2003
The recommendations of the Committee against Torture, made in response to Australia’s Combined Second and Third Report under the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
Published Sunday, 31 October 2004
Australia's combined Second and Third Report to the Committee Against Torture.
Published Monday, 30 June 1997
The Attorney-General’s Department is proposing legislative amendments to provide for authorised electronic versions of Commonwealth Acts and compilations of Acts.
Published Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Since 1994 there have been four major reports dealing with telecommunications interception.
Published Wednesday, 31 August 2005
A four-year follow-up of outcomes from child-focused and child Inclusive post-separation family dispute resolution.
Published Thursday, 30 April 2009
A prospective study of outcomes from child focused and child inclusive post-separation family dispute resolution
Published Tuesday, 31 October 2006
This report documents the findings of the review, summarising the high level training needs of the Sector relating to tasks/duties and the CCS operational environment.
Published Thursday, 17 March 2005
This research report provides largely qualitative information about the perceived role and usages of children's contact services, from the perspectives of clients, service providers, referring agencies and other key stakeholders.
Published Monday, 20 June 2005
The key policy document for effective fraud control for government agencies and their employees is the Commonwealth fraud control guidelines 2011.
Published Thursday, 31 March 2011
Australian Government agencies require legal services for a range of different reasons.
Published Friday, 21 February 2014
Criminal Code Practitioner Guidelines
Published Sunday, 31 March 2002
Attorney-General's Department and Australian Institute of Judicial Administration
Published Sunday, 31 March 2002
The Customs Reform Board was established by the Minister for Home Affairs and Justice, the Hon Jason Clare MP, on 20 December 2012 to advise on reform of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
Published Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Issue estoppel, double jeopardy and prosecution appeals against acquittals
Published Wednesday, 31 March 2004
EM News is a quarterly newsletter from the Attorney-General’s Department informing you of the work underway to help build Australia’s resilience to disasters
Australia has completed a privacy impact assessment on the six month trial to exchange criminal history information with New Zealand for employment purposes.
Published Thursday, 15 November 2012
Over recent years, the Hague Conference on Private International Law has been facilitating negotiations on a Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters.
Published Thursday, 30 June 2005
The community is concerned about family breakdown including how the family law system affects separated family members.
Published Wednesday, 29 August 2001
Family Violence Prevention Legal Service (FVPLS) units are community controlled justice, advisory and referral centres for victims of family violence.
Published Friday, 31 July 2009
The Federal audit of police capabilities commenced in February 2009. It examined and reported on the capabilities of the Australian Federal Police to provide for current and future demands, looking forward up to five years.
Published Friday, 18 December 2009