The following table outlines AusCheck’s charges for Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASIC), Maritime Security Identity Cards (MSIC) and National Health Security (NHS) checks.

The charges in the table represent AusCheck's fee for the background checking component of each application.

Background application check Cost (excluding GST) Cost including immigration and citizenship check (excluding GST)
Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) $92.50 $100.35
Under 18 Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) $38.00 N/A
National Health Security (NHS) $92.50 $100.35
Maritime Security Identity Card (MSIC) - two years $92.50 $100.35
Under 18 Maritime Security Identity Card (MSIC) $38.00 N/A

An issuing body or entity may incorporate this fee within their own administrative costs when setting the final fee they charge for an application. Administration costs may vary between issuing bodies and entities.

If fees change, AusCheck will endeavour to consult with affected industry participants early in the change process.

Four year MSIC fees

AusCheck’s fee for a four year MSIC includes the cost of a second background check which is required two years after a four year MSIC is issued. This check will only occur if your MSIC is still valid and has not been cancelled.

Four year MSIC holders can withdraw their consent for the second background check. However, if you withdraw your consent for a second background check, your MSIC will expire on the second year anniversary of your initial background check.

Cost recovery

AusCheck operates on a cost recovery basis—any fees or charges we collect cover the actual cost of providing our service.

This process represents an ongoing commitment by the Australian Government to ensure that fair and accurate costs are recovered from those who pay for its services. This process is in accordance with the Australian Government’s cost recovery policy and guidelines: