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Proceeds of Crime Act

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (the Act) establishes a scheme to confiscate proceeds of crime and provides the means for returning the benefits of those confiscated funds to the community.  Under section 298 of the Act, confiscated proceeds of crime can be re-invested in programmes for relevant purposes, including crime prevention and law enforcement.

The Attorney-General’s Department is responsible for the administration of projects funded under section 298 of the Act.

A full list of projects funded under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is available below:

Safer Streets Programme

The Safer Streets Programme (the Programme) implements the Government's $50 million commitment to deliver effective solutions to local areas experiencing problems with criminal or anti-social behaviour through a grants programme focused on improving community safety through crime prevention. The programme will deliver local initiatives in areas identified as having a crime or anti-social behaviour problem, to prevent, deter and detect crime.

The Safer Streets Programme is being conducted as a crime prevention measure under section 298 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).

In December 2015, the Minister for Justice opened the second round of funding under the Safer Streets Programme. The programme provides up to $29.4 million for projects to enhance community safety and security, both in real terms by reducing street crime, violence and antisocial behaviour and through increased perception of safety in the community.

Applications for round two of the Safer Streets Programme have now closed.​

Safer Streets Programme funding for Neighbourhood Watch Australasia and Youth Off the Streets

Funding is separately available under the Safer Streets Programme for Neighbourhood Watch Australasia to support community-based crime prevention initiatives, delivered either directly or through increasing the capacity of the state and territory Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Funding is also separately available under the Safer Streets Programme for youth outreach initiatives of Youth Off the Streets, a non-denominational organisation working with young people aged 12-25 facing challenges including homelessness, drug dependency, mental illness and isolation which can lead to disengagement and criminal offending. The organisation delivers outreach programmes that focus on early intervention and prevention for young people who are at-risk of engaging in criminal activity or anti-social behaviour.

The first round of funding under the Safer Streets Programme was conducted in 2014.

For more information email crimeprevention@ag.gov.au or call 02 6141 2711.