The abuse of illicit or illegal drugs is a high-risk activity that causes social, economic and personal harms.

With other government agencies, we work to:

  • develop and apply policy in line with the National Drug Strategy 2010 – 2015 to reduce the supply of illicit drugs and prevent the diversion of precursor chemicals used in the production of illicit drugs
  • coordinate Commonwealth law enforcement responses on current and emerging drug issues.

Agencies we work with include the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Regulation Impact Statement: banning the importation of substances which mimic the effects of illicit drugs

The Attorney-General’s Department is developing a measure to ban the importation of substances which mimic the effects of illicit drugs. These substances are also known as new psychoactive substances (NPS). This Regulation Impact Statement details the anticipated impacts of the ban.

Submissions to the Attorney-General’s Department on the Regulation Impact Statement are now closed.

National Drug Strategy 2010 – 2015

Our main response to illicit drugs is to implement the National Drug Strategy 2010 – 2015.

The strategy provides a framework for action on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs aimed at improving health, social and economic outcomes. Harm minimisation is its guiding principle.

The strategy is a cooperative venture between the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and the non-government sector.

Clandestine drug laboratory sites: Guidelines for remediation

These guidelines help authorities investigate and make safe sites that may have been contaminated by use as clandestine drug laboratories.

Tablet press regulation

Tablet presses can be used to make illicit drugs. They are a prohibited import. All Australian governments have enacted legislation making it an offence to possess them without lawful excuse.

The regulation of the importation of tablet presses at the border complements this domestic legislation.

Industry with a legitimate reason to import tablet presses may still do so, subject to approval from the Minister for Justice or an authorised person.

To make an application, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Ice pipes regulation

Ice pipes (devices used to inhale the smoke or fumes from methylamphetamine) are a prohibited import. Their regulation at the border complements bans on these items in the states and territories.

For more information, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection  website and search for the fact sheet titled 'Restrictions on importing ice pipes'.