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Families and marriage

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Getting married
​We provide information on how to make sure your marriage is legally valid.

Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants
​Celebrants in Australia must comply with the Marriage Celebrant Code of Practice and other guidelines to ensure legal obligations are met.

Family relationship services
​The government funds a number of programs to help support family relationships, including counselling services and dispute resolution.

Family Law Council
The council advises and makes recommendations to the Attorney-General on the Family Law Act, legal aid and other matters on family law.

International family law and children
​Families who are split across international borders face unique challenges that affect both parents and children.

Family violence
​The government has developed a number of measures to improve the family law system's response to family violence and child abuse.

Family dispute resolution
The law requires separating families who have a dispute about children to make a genuine effort to try to sort it out.

Forced adoptions apology
On 21 March 2013, the Australian Government apologised to people affected by forced adoptions.