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Becoming a marriage celebrant

This is the official site of the Australian Government Marriage Celebrants Programme. Anything you read elsewhere that is inconsistent with this site is not accurate.

Marriage celebrants are people who are legally allowed to perform marriages in Australia.

Being a marriage celebrant is a special and important role in the community. It also attracts serious legal responsibilities. Failure to meet those responsibilities can have serious consequences.

What you need to do

If you want to become a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant, you will need to:

You may only advertise your services and perform marriages once you are registered as a marriage celebrant.

Different criteria for registration as a marriage celebrant apply to people who are fluent in an Australian Indigenous language. Email us at for more information.

Before you apply

Many marriage celebrants perform few or no marriages each year as there are:

  • more than 8 000 Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants
  • more than 23 000 ministers of religion who can perform marriages
  • about 118 400 marriages that took place in Australia in 2013.

Just paying for and completing qualifications does not mean you automatically become a celebrant. For more information about a marriage celebrant’s responsibilities, including key resources and the code of practice, visit the Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants page.

Fees and charges

Aspiring marriage celebrants are required to pay an application fee of $600. If your application is successful, you will need to pay the annual $240 registration charge charge (or part thereof, depending on the timing of your registration).

In limited circumstances, an exemption from these fees and charges may be granted. Guidelines on eligibility are available below:

All fees and charges are non-refundable.

Sending your application

Apply to become a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant through using our Marriage celebrants online application form. If you are unable to lodge your application online, contact the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section on 1800 550 343.

The following documents may assist with your application:

Certificate IV in Celebrancy review

The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council are reviewing the Certificate IV in Celebrancy which is required for registration as a marriage celebrant.

For more information visit the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council website. Any questions about the review or the review process should be directed to the council at