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About the Marriage Celebrants Programme

This is the official site of the Australian Government Marriage Celebrants Programme. Anything you read elsewhere that is inconsistent with this site is not accurate.

Marriage Celebrants Programme commenced cost recovery on 1 July 2014

For current fees and charges and information about exemptions visit the Managing your registration page.

Cost recovery implementation statement

In accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines, the Attorney-General's Department has prepared a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement that sets out the cost recovery model, financial status and performance on the activity.

Regulator Performance Framework

Since 1 July 2015, the Marriage Celebrants Programme has been subject to the Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework which requires the department to self-assess the Marriage Celebrants Programme against six outcomes-based key performance indicators:

  • reducing regulatory burden
  • communications
  • risk-based and proportionate approaches
  • efficient and coordinated monitoring
  • transparency
  • continuous improvement.

Specific performance metrics for the framework that apply to the Marriage Celebrant Programme have been developed in consultation with stakeholders:

The regulator performance framework reports have been agreed with stakeholders:

Please monitor this website for updates on changes to the Marriage Celebrants Programme and future arrangements.