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 Fraud control

Fraud against the Commonwealth is a serious matter for all Australian Government departments and agencies, and the community. It prevents taxpayer dollars from reaching intended targets and affects the government's ability to deliver key services. Estimates of what fraud costs Australians vary, but even conservative estimates put the cost at over $1 billion a year.

This department is responsible for coordinating fraud control policy.

We are responsible for:

Reporting fraud

This department has no investigatory role and does not investigate fraud, except for certain instances of fraud against the department.

The Australian Federal Police has primary law enforcement responsibility for investigating serious or complex fraud against the Commonwealth (Commonwealth crimes).

For more information, visit the Reporting fraud page or the Report a crime page on the Australian Federal Police website.

Investigator resources

If you are an investigator or fraud control officer for a Commonwealth entity, you can apply for membership of the Commonwealth Fraud Control Online Community. The site contains a range of materials to support consistent fraud investigations across the Commonwealth and is secure to the 'UNCLASSIFIED: Sensitive' and 'UNCLASSIFIED: For Official Use Only' levels.

The Commonwealth Fraud Control Online Community is a useful resource for sharing contacts and information relating to fraud investigations as well as a range of investigative resources. The Commonwealth Fraud Control Online Community is a GovDex site that is jointly administered by this department and the Australian Federal Police.

For more information or to apply for community membership, contact us at fraud@ag.gov.au.


The training.gov.au website is the official national register of information on training packages, qualifications, courses and units of competency. This database will also allow you to find registered training organisations that are approved to deliver fraud control and investigations training in your state.

The Attorney-General's Department, with the assistance of other government entities, has developed a whole of government fraud awareness e-learning training package. The package is available for Commonwealth entities and officials from the Commonwealth Fraud Control Online Community, and can be requested by emailing fraud@ag.gov.au.

Australian Scams Awareness Network

As part of a whole-of-government approach to combat consumer fraud and scams targeted at consumers, the Australian Scams Awareness Network, formerly the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce, comprises all of the governmental regulatory agencies and departments in Australia and New Zealand who have responsibilities for consumer protection.

For more information visit the Australian Scams Awareness Network page on the SCAMWatch website.

Crimes Legislation Amendments (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) 2017 Bill

Proposed measures in the Crimes Legislation Amendments (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) 2017 Bill (CLAPOOM Bill) will assist entities to counter fraud and corruption by authorising sharing of personal information in certain circumstances to prevent, detect, investigate and/or respond to fraud or corruption against the Commonwealth.

For more information, visit the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2017 page on the Parliament of Australia website.​