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 Fraud investigations

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Fraud is investigated in accordance with the Australian Government Investigation Standards (AGIS).


  • The organisation can effectively investigate fraud using a suite of investigation tools including surveillance, search warrants, records of interview, financial analysis and digital forensics.

Purpose of this countermeasure

Not investigating fraud in accordance with AGIS can lead to ineffective investigations and unsuccessful prosecutions.

Under the Criminal Code Act 1995, the prosecution bears a legal burden of proving every element of an offence relevant to the guilt of the person charged. Furthermore, the offence must be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Fraudsters will be less deterred from committing fraud if they think the chance of prosecution is low.


This type of countermeasure is supported by:

How do I know if my countermeasures are effective?

You can apply the following methods to measure the effectiveness of these types of countermeasures:

  • Broadly compare investigation procedures with the Australian Government Investigations Standards. See the Australian Government Investigations Standards performance measures (Chapter 1.2).
  • Consult analysts and investigators about their capability to investigate fraud of this specific or similar type.
  • Confirm that investigations have previously been completed into fraud of this specific or similar type.
  • Retrieve and analyse investigations data related fraud of this specific or similar type. For example:
    • The number of cases of this specific type referred for investigation compared to tip-offs received.
    • The number of completed investigations of this specific type compared to cases referred for investigation.
    • The number of cases of this specific type referred to the CDPP compared to the number of completed investigations.
    • The number of successful prosecutions of this specific type compared to the number of cases referred to the CDPP.
  • Review feedback from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions on the previous Briefs of Evidence.
  • Review the results of any audits into investigation standards.

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