The Concealer


Someone who dishonestly gains a personal benefit by preventing their actions from being seen or known about.

This might involve hiding their activities or covering their tracks for dishonest gain or to evade detection.

Recent case studies

  • A medical clinic owner defrauded the Commonwealth of more than $3.3 million by claiming rebates for services not rendered. In order to avoid detection from employees of the clinic, including the health practitioners, he deleted the claims from the clinic's practice management software, shortly after submitting them. He pleaded guilty to six charges of fraud under the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth).


The methods of the concealer are countered by measures that support oversight and transparency.

Key countermeasures include:

Other effective countermeasures may include:

Printable summary

Download an A3 printable summary of the fraudster personas. If you require these documents in a different accessible format please contact fraud@ag.gov.au.

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