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 An evidence base for the civil justice system

A working group of civil justice system stakeholders and data experts is developing a framework to guide the collection of consistent data to create an evidence base for civil justice system.

This is a long-term project that aims to remedy the current lack of consistent and comparable data across the civil justice system.

We invite you to comment on or ask questions about the draft objectives for the framework drawn up by the group, or about the project more broadly.

A shared system-wide evidence base will hold consistent data about the people who use the civil justice system and the services delivered to them.

This will enable us to see:

  • whether the civil justice system as a whole is achieving its objectives and what it is delivering to the Australian community
  • how different organisations and services contribute to that achievement
  • how people connect with the system and what patterns emerge as they move through it
  • where there are gaps, pressure points, emerging trends and opportunities
  • where there are opportunities for better coordination
  • where potential exists for development of more complementary services
  • where there is potential for innovation
  • how changes in one area might have an impact elsewhere.

The working group first met in February 2012 following a symposium in May 2011.

In 2012, the working group assessed the quality and coverage of existing data sets in the civil justice system. The key findings of this work are outlined in three reports available below.  

Background information