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 Appendix 2: Staff achievements

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Annual departmental awards

The annual departmental awards were held on 21 August 2013, with seven awards presented to individuals and teams acknowledging outstanding achievements and contributions to the department's work. Two new awards were introduced this year, the Department Leadership Award and the Department Reconciliation Award.

Secretary's Award 2013

Forced Adoptions Apology Team (Peter Arnaudo, Virginia Wilson, Caitlin Laing, Bridget Quayle, Alison Lapidge, Amy Critchley, Samuel Good, Helen Tchong, Antonette Gaffney, Thomas Teifl, Joanne Westerberg, Theika Andrews, Daniel Gleeson, Caroline Shirley, Peter O'Rourke and Brett Russel)

For developing the government's response to past forced adoption practices including the National Apology by the Prime Minister on 21 March 2013.

Deputy Secretaries' Awards 2013

Privacy Reform Team (Sam Ahlin, James Claremont, Colin Minihan, Mercedes Ramsey, Janine Ward, Carl Godfrey and Susannah Webb)—Civil Justice and Legal Services Group

For professionalism and dedication in developing and supporting the enactment of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

Alex Maron—Strategic Policy and Coordination Group

For fostering positive change and cultural reform in the department through HR strategies including driving the development of AGD Leadership Expectations and review of the Performance Management Framework.

Criminal Law Policy and Crime Prevention Team (Renae Aspinall, Ian Brown, Fiona Hamilton, Tara Inverarity, Mark Johnson and Mercedes Ramsey)—National Security and Criminal Justice Group

For outstanding professionalism, under significant pressure, in delivering a high quality outcome.

Academic Achievement Award 2013

Tara Cheyne

For consistently excelling academically and professionally while completing a Master of Business Administration.

Department Reconciliation Award

Mark Godfrey—Strategic Policy and Coordination Group

For his significant contribution in chairing the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group and his support to the Indigenous Employee Network and People and Corporate Support Branch in promoting reconciliation activities with the department.

Department Leadership Award

Katherine Jones

For being an outstanding leader and effortlessly modelling the department's leadership expectations.

Australia Day Achievement Awards 2014

The annual Australia Day Achievement awards ceremony was held on 22 January 2014, with six awards presented to individuals and teams recognising their significant achievements and contributions to the department.

Brad Falconer

For his cheerful and diligent approach in the provision of mail delivery services to staff based in the Robert Garran Office.

Pacific Law Library Twinning Programme Team (Alexandra Digan, Gemma Barnes and Karen Collier)

For initiative, innovation and a commitment to improving the lives of others through the sharing and building of knowledge.

Whaling Litigation Taskforce (Clare Gregory, Michael Johnson, Erin Maher, Mandy Williams, Stephanie Ierino, Nicole Lyas, Anne Sheehan and Todd Quinn)

For applying themselves over a sustained period of time to develop and support Australia's case against Japan in the International Court of Justice, challenging Japan's whaling activities in the Southern Ocean.

Human Rights Reform Team (Paul Pfitzner, Sonja Wigney, Elena Rosenman, Tracey Pearce, Victoria Bickford-Johnson and Kristin Crawford)

For responsiveness and commitment in promoting and protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse and intersex people to be free from discrimination.

Senior Litigation Advisers—Strongim Gavman Programme (David Reed, Peter Bednall and Mark Kelly)

For strategically working alongside counterparts in the PNG Office of the Solicitor-General to improve the litigation practice of the State of PNG and to deliver Australian Government development goals in PNG.

Knowledge Innovation Team (Christine Dalton, Susan Manniche and Joanne Achison)

For outstanding effort, imagination and perseverance in successfully initiating the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub.

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