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 Appendix 2: Staff achievements

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Secretary’s Awards 2015

Esther Bogaart, Brittany Quayle, Adam Brooker, Jayne Baker, Anna Bull, Brad Smith and Kahlia Jackson
for the successful negotiation of a new National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services.

Mathew Bradby
for being a creative thinker and change agent to achieve a high standard of rigour and reliability in delivering a successful and nationally consistent approach to financial management.

Simon Lee, Parker Reeve, Catherine Bridges, Gregory Sadler, Sanchita Ekanayake, Charles Nugent-Young, Daniel Abraham, Jane Lloyd, Sabiq Tan, Sonia Harris, Branka Gajic and Andrew Newman-Martin
for dedication and perseverance in developing and implementing Australia's telecommunications data retention scheme.

Daryl Adam and Carmen Miragaya
for deft leadership, resilience and an emotionally intelligent approach to an extremely sensitive project, leading to a successful outcome which now sees the consolidated department well placed to move forward.

Chris Bellgard
for outstanding client service delivery to the Ministry for the Arts cultural agencies during the transition to shared services.

Academic Achievement Award 2015

Johanna Parker
for dedication to the creation of world-leading policy advice in the areas of museum collections and repatriation of Indigenous human remains.

Department Leadership Award 2015

Sara Samios
for outstanding achievement in providing leadership to the Tribunals Amalgamation Taskforce.

Department Reconciliation Award 2015

Donna-Maree Towney and Peter Likidis
for commitment towards reconciliation and improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the APS.

Australia Day Achievement Awards 2016

Steve Webber and Emilie Sutton
for outstanding work on outpost with The Treasury.

Jane Caruana
for exceptional leadership of the Defence Force Abuse Taskforce Complainant Support Group, a team who have displayed extraordinary commitment and dedication to supporting complainants.

John Williams
for exceptional leadership in driving successful organisational change in the Papua New Guinea Office of the State Solicitor through the Strongim Gavman Program.

Nikki Peever
for outstanding management of the AGS National IT Contact Centre and services to AGS.

Sara Samios, Stephen Still, Michelle Corcoran, Angela Teh, Anna McNeil, Rachel McDonald, John Hatton, Cassandra Ireland, Kirsten Abé and Wendy Hau
for management of the most significant administrative law reform in 40 years – reforming key Commonwealth merits review tribunals.

Catherine Woodward
for consistently providing exceptional service to the department's governance bodies and contributing to the department's corporate management through outstanding cooperation and innovation.

Jenna Priestly, Branko Ananijevski and Nicola Critchley
for outstanding policy development, stakeholder engagement and project management in facilitating agency mergers.

Mieke Dixon
for versatility as a commercial legal practitioner and great client relationship management.

Paul Pfitzner, Andrew Symonds and Emma Swinbourne
for displaying excellence in enabling a professional appearance by Australia before the Human Right's Council Universal Periodic Review process.

Justin Keefe, Lionel Markey, Lisa Molloy and Barbara Young
for performing above and beyond expectations in establishing the Shared Services Centre, including implementing a Cabinet decision to on-board the Canberra-based collecting institutions which was a ground-breaking initiative.

Carmel McDonell
for demonstrating professionalism, empathy, resilience and equanimity in managing the significant volume of family law correspondence for the Attorney-General.

Helen Moran, Maree Ferguson, Scott Slater and Romany Tauber
in recognition of years of outstanding service to Telstra.

Laura Armstrong, John Atwood, Chloe Baldwin, Rhianna Benjamin, Thea Chesterfield, Jancis Cunliffe, Simon Daley PSM, Nana Frishling, Anna Garsia, Toby Hanson, Lisa Hemingway, Jonathon Hutton, Catherine Kelso, Angus Minns, Natalie Mojsoska, Esme Shirlow, Jeremy Shirm, Devon Whittle, Jack Williams and Celia Winnett
for great skill, professionalism and hard work over a sustained period of time in developing and contributing to the successful defence of Australia's world-first tobacco plain packaging laws before an international arbitral tribunal.

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