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 Appendix 2: Client service charter

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The department is committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of service in all areas. This includes providing quality information and advice to members of the public that is timely, responsive and apolitical.

In the past year, the department received 1945 enquiries. The department responded to 914 enquiries, of these, three were complaints (defined as concerning the standard of service provided by us, or the diligence, competence, behaviour or attitude of our staff).

We referred 491 enquiries to another Australian Government, state or territory agency. Action was not required for 540 items of correspondence.

Approximately 197 items of correspondence were not responded to within 28 days. This was due to reasons including the necessary diversion of resources to other priority tasks, the complexity of the correspondence or administrative error.

Table 22 shows compliance against the standards of the department’s service charter.

Table 22: Department client service charter—compliance with service standards
Department service standard Compliance with service
A reply in plain English within 28 days of receipt of complaint or enquiry. Partial
Personal information used only in accordance with the law. Yes
Work will be undertaken with care, diligence and sensitivity to the needs of clients. Yes
Strong commitment to accountability and continuous improvement. Yes
Clients will be treated with courtesy, fairness and respect. Yes
Staff will act responsively to client needs. Yes

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