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 Appendix 7 - Staff achievements


The department recognises the importance of rewarding individuals and teams who have made a significant contribution, beyond the requirements of their positions, to the work or profile of the department. Employee achievements are celebrated and acknowledged through formal awards and informal mechanisms for their exceptional contributions and outstanding achievements.

Individuals and teams were recognised for their exceptional professional contribution in 2011-12. The Secretary praised recipients for their skills and expertise and all who displayed exceptional levels of commitment to their work.

The recipients of awards for 2011-12 and their achievements follow.

Annual Departmental Awards

The 2011 Departmental Awards were announced on Monday, 15 August 2011 at a ceremony in the atrium of Robert Garran Offices. The Attorney-General presented the department's Academic Achievement Award.

Secretary's Award 2011

The Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting team - Janette Dines, Luke Brown, Thomas Browne, Jasmin Barker-Mitchell, Ariane Malpas, Kristen Duthie, Wendy Gibson, Rebecca Flynn, Tracy Brennan, Peta Schuller - for demonstrating excellent team work and commitment to successfully organising the participation of over 200 delegates from 44 countries in this year's Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting.


Deputy Secretaries' Awards 2011

Civil Justice and Legal Services

Lean Six Sigma Project Team - Eleanor Lewis, Sarah Christensen, Lynda Marsden, Terina Koch, Jane Atchison, Jennie Miller, John Power, Matt O'Brien, Christine Paszkiewicz, Scott Rollason, Anita Seselja, Diana Rahman - for demonstrating excellent teamwork, innovative thinking and commitment to learning in applying Lean Six Sigma principles to the review of the Marriage Celebrants Program and the Financial Assistance Program.

Strategic Policy and Coordination Group

Corporate Communications and Publications Section - Mark Godfrey, Jessica Swain, Carolyn Wilkinson, Brett Kessey, Brett Russell, Matt Fenwick, Wendy Pang, Jessica McDonald, Avital Terkowski - for sustained provision of client-focused corporate communication and promotion of a professional Attorney-General's Department brand.

National Security and Criminal Justice Group

Cross-portfolio National Security Budget Measures - Natalie Pearse - for outstanding commitment and professionalism in the development of the 2011 Budget.

Cross-portfolio People-Smuggling Budget Measures - Douglas Rutherford - for outstanding commitment and professionalism in the development of the 2011 Budget.

Communication Award 2011

2011 Staff Survey - Alex Maron, Eliška Donaldson - for best practice communication evidenced by the success of the Staff Survey 2011 Have your say campaign.

Academic Achievement Award 2011

Lindsay Buckingham - for completion of Masters of Law (International Law).

Australia Day Achievement Awards 2012

The 2012 Australia Day Achievement Awards were presented on 3 February 2012 in a ceremony led by the Secretary to acknowledge those individuals and teams who have made exceptional contributions to the work of the department.

The Secretary reflected on the achievements of the department as a whole, praising all staff for their high standards of professionalism and strong levels of commitment.

The 2012 recipients were:

Civil Justice and Legal Services

Leith Watson - demonstrating outstanding dedication and initiative in leading the development of a Part-Timers Toolkit for the Social Inclusion Division.

Petra Gartmann, Elena Rosenman, Caroline McGregor, Kate Deronne, Nicole Asman, Penelope Davie, Sophie Ismail, Tracey Pearce, Rachael Holland, Georgia Flynn - for demonstrated high levels of professionalism and commitment in the successful development and implementation of the Human Rights Public Sector Education Program.

Janette Dines, Luke Brown, Andrew Haslock, Eva Logan, Adam Raszewski, Jasmin Barker-Mitchell, Janean Richards - for demonstrating exceptional professionalism and teamwork in managing and coordinating the Commonwealth's legal representation in the 2011 Queensland Floods Commission of inquiry.

Katrina Fairburn, Chloe Baldwin, Loren Cousins, Tracy Ballantyne - outstanding effort and dedication in developing key legislation in a short timeframe, to foster greater transparency and accountability in the handling of complaints about judicial officers in the federal courts.

Strategic Policy and Coordination

Stephen Abbey and Paul Warren - for demonstrated high levels of professionalism and commitment in the successful restoration of ICT services to the department.

Matthew Hobbs - for outstanding input into the goals of ICT Security Services and for displaying a high degree of professionalism and expertise promoting the image and reputation of People, Information and Technology Division.

Ross Oakman, Matthew Hobbs, Paul Warren, Christopher Skinner, Geoffrey Thornthwaite, Ian Jaggard, Stelios Shizas, Mayuran Sivarasa, Nicholas Halbert-Lillyman, Jayston Spindler, Kurt Lindner, Shelley West, Jane Vucago, Lee Mills - for excellence in collaborative working relationships and achievement of outcomes in a short timeframe.

National Security and Criminal Justice

Douglas Rutherford, Danica Yanchenko, Owen Lodge, Ryan Kennedy, Graeme Gunn - for consistent performance at a very high level throughout 2011.

Robyn Devin - for professionalism, expertise and commitment in planning, organising and managing the SIG 2011 Conference.

Majda Hordern, Simone Davenport, Matthew Ford, Joelene Azzopardi, Robyn Hunt, Kerry Wallace, Rheannon Nicholson, Mark Hayes, Daniel Mogaldeanu, Catherine Baily, Claire Major, Sharon Elliott, Mark Carpenter, Mark Goldsby - for demonstrated high levels of dedication, professionalism and commitment in the successful development and implementation of the Australian Government Crisis Coordination Centre.

Tara Inverarity, Catherine Barker, Branko Ananijevski - for outstanding performance in developing the cyber crime agenda of the 2011 Quintet of Attorneys-General and of the 2011 Commonwealth Law Ministers' Meeting.

Tanya Boulter, Olivia Shen, Aaron Kim - for determination, commitment and vision in creating the department's innovative Resilient Communities website, which embodies the collaboration between communities and government to prevent violent extremism.

Other awards

Women's Network Awards

The Women's Network hosted the annual Women's Network Awards on 10 May, which saw three women recognised not just for their professional achievements but also for the outstanding contributions they make to their workplace and their communities.

These awards recognise the valuable contributions women make to the work of the department, as well as its life and culture - and this year's recipients encompassed this and more.

Marjorie Todd, Assistant Secretary of the Legal Assistance Branch, received special recognition for her great energy and enthusiasm, and for being a positive role model for her staff.

Lucy Sargeson, a Principal Legal Officer in the Legislative Scrutiny Section, received the Women's Network Award - encourage, empower, achieve, for her exceptional commitment to encouraging and mentoring her colleagues.

Alita Menchavez, from Emergency Management Australia, was nominated for her outstanding contribution to the work and life of the Australian Emergency Management Institute. As an Administration Officer in the National Security Training, Education and Development Branch, Alita contributes enormously to the social fabric of the department, particularly at Mt Macedon. In addition to her outstanding work ethic, Alita volunteers on weekends to teach English to new migrants.

Implementation of the Personal Property Securities Reforms

Special awards from the Secretary, to recognise outstanding commitment in the development and implementation of the Personal Property Securities (PPS) Reforms, were awarded to Chris Jeacle, David Bergman, Wayne Bobbin and Deryk Bartlett. The Personal Property Securities Branch as a whole also received an award recognising all the officers who have worked on making PPS Reforms a success since 2006, as did the Information Division (ID), to recognise the delivery of a high quality outcome and the outstanding commitment and professional competence of all those in ID who made the PPS Reforms happen.


Jane Bailey, Chief Information Officer, was selected to participate in the prestigious Cranlana Programme. The Cranlana Colloquium is designed for senior leaders to enable them to enhance their understanding of the philosophical, ethical and social issues central to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable society in Australia through examining their own roles and responsibilities.

Suzanne Akila received one of the first Sir Roland Wilson Foundation scholarships to undertake a PhD in Public International Law at the Australian National University.

In 2011-12, the department participated in the Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnerships Program, which places high performing EL1 and EL2 APS employees in Indigenous organisations on shortterm secondment arrangements. Lavinia Gracik from the Native Title Unit was selected to participate in the program to be placed at the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council in NSW from 23 July to 17 August 2012.

Andrew Lock has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to mountaineering. Andrew is the first Australian to climb all of the world's fourteen peaks over 8,000 metres, and to lead a commercial expedition to the summit of Mount Everest.