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Annual Report 2007-08 Readers Guide


How to use this report

This is the Secretary’s report to the Attorney-General and the Minister for Home Affairs for the financial year 2007–08. Prepared according to parliamentary reporting requirements, the report also provides information for the community and stakeholders. The compliance index will direct you to where information required by legislation can be found in the report. The Annual Report defines the goals outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements and the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements and relates them to the actual results achieved.

PART 1 introduces readers to the Attorney-General’s Department with a review of the year from the Secretary, a description of the portfolio, the outcome/output framework and the organisational structure of the Department. It also provides an overview of activities and key achievements, and financial and staffing summaries.

PART 2 reports on how the Department performed during the period against our three outcomes and the related outputs. Performance is reported under quality and quantity measures for departmental outputs and administered items.

PART 3 details management and accountability processes, including corporate governance, external scrutiny, financial management, human resource management, information and knowledge management, social equity impacts, and ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance processes.

PART 4 contains the audited financial statements for 2007–08.

PART 5 comprises appendixes that provide useful additional information and reports required under specific legislation.

Reporting on performance

The performance reports are based on the outcomes and outputs structure framework and performance information in the 2007–08 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) and 2007–08 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES) for the Attorney-General’s Department.

The Department has three outcomes:

Outcome 1—An equitable and accessible system of federal justice. This outcome has eight outputs.

Outcome 2—Coordinated federal criminal justice, security and emergency management activity, for a safer Australia. This outcome has six outputs.

Outcome 3—Assisting regions to manage their own futures. This outcome has two outputs. This outcome, which was added to the Department in the PAES following machinery of government changes, relates to the Territories and disaster relief management functions.

Performance reports are structured to demonstrate a clear relationship between the performance standards for each outcome and output, as set out in the PBS and PAES and the actual results achieved for the Department in 2007–08.

Each chapter covers an outcome, providing:

  • an overview of the activities that contributed to that outcome
  • a resource summary table, and
  • separate reports on each of the departmental outputs and associated administered items.

At the output level, each performance report contains:

  • a summary of performance and key achievements contributing to the output
  • results of evaluations or reviews
  • purchaser–provider arrangements, where relevant
  • outlook for the following financial year, and
  • reports against the performance indicators for the output and related administered items.

Reporting approach

This is the second year the Department is reporting against this framework, enabling the Department to provide comparative data from the 2006–07 report against the performance indicators and results for this year.

Key external stakeholders have provided input, evaluating the Department’s performance in providing policy and legal advice. This feedback is reported under the relevant performance indicators in each output.

The report includes a selection of case studies which aim to provide an insight into the people behind the Department’s key achievements.

Further information

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Enquiries about the Annual Report should be directed to:

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