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Regulation Impact Statement: banning the importation of substances which mimic the effects of illicit drugs - CrJD

The Attorney-General’s Department is developing a measure to ban the importation of substances which mimic the effects of illicit drugs. These substances are also known as new psychoactive substances (NPS). This Regulation Impact Statement details the anticipated impacts of the ban.

The Attorney-General’s Department invites submissions on the Regulation Impact Statement. Submissions are open until 5pm on Friday, 16 May 2014. Submissions should be sent to criminal.law@ag.gov.au and addressed to Anthony Coles, Assistant Secretary, Criminal Law and Law Enforcement Branch.

Legislative Instruments Amendment (Sunsetting Measures) Bill 2012 and associated Regulations - AJD

A key measure in this Bill is the introduction of a mechanism that will enable the Governor-General to make Regulations for the mass repeal of obsolete Regulations and other legislative instruments.

Amendments to federal courts' regulations to implement court fee reforms as announced in the 2012-13 Budget - AJD

The government announced it will implement reforms to court fee arrangements as part of the 2012-13 Budget: focussing particularly on corporations and resource-intensive litigation.

Driving micro-economic reform through clear and cohesive international law rules - AJD

The project commenced in April 2012 and is expected to conclude in April-May 2013.

Introduction of program improvements to the Marriage Celebrants Program - AJD

The announcement includes the introduction of cost recovery including a fee for Commonwealth marriage celebrants from 1 July 2013.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Regulations 2012 - replacing the former Regulations - AJD

The Regulations refine the management provisions in the former Regulations to increase efficiency and to reflect changes introduced to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 in 2005.

Changes to the legal status and function of the National Native Title Tribunal - SID

In order to strengthen and streamline the native title system, the Australian Government is transferring native title claims mediation and claim-related ILUA negotiation assistance functions from the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) to the Federal Court of Australia (FCA).

Potential reforms to promote leading practice in native title agreements and the governance of native title payments - SID

The Attorney-General and the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs released the discussion paper titled Leading practice agreements: maximising outcomes from native title benefits on 3 July 2010 for public consultation on a possible package of reforms to promote leading practice in native title agreements and the governance of native payments.

Harmonisation of the regulation of insolvency professionals - CLD

On 2 June 2011 an options paper was released examining reforms with a view to address possible misconduct in the insolvency profession and to improve the value for money for recipients of insolvency services. A proposals' paper (informed by responses to the options paper) was released in December 2011.

Debt Agreement Review - CLD

In 2007 changes were made to the debt agreement system. The government has commenced a review that will examine those changes and the debt agreement system generally.

Review of National Classification Scheme - CLD

Key recommended reforms include broadening the scope of the National Classification Scheme to encompass online and broadcast content, implementing a Commonwealth-only scheme, establishing a single Regulator to manage all content classification regulation, and increasing industry classification under co-regulatory arrangements.

Review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport - ILHRD

The review will commence in 2012 and the project is being run by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport in consultation with the Attorney-General's Department.

Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012 - SDD

The Bill will amend the Privacy Act 1988 and implement key elements of the first stage government response to the Australian Law Reform Commission's Report 108, For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice.

Telecommunications Security Reform - NSRPD

Reforms are being explored with an aim to make telecommunications infrastructure more resilient, which could involve amendments to telecommunications legislation, such as the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Potential measures to reduce national security risks associated with eleven precursor chemicals to homemade explosives - NSLPD

A Consultation regulation impact statement (CRIS) released in early 2012 explored a range of measures to reduce the national security risks associated with these eleven chemicals. It recommended a single voluntary
government-led code of practice as the option that delivers the highest net public benefit to the community.

Potential reforms of Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN) Regulations - NSLPD

The Council of Australian Governments has requested the Attorney-General's Department (the department) to lead the implementation of SSAN regulatory reforms under the National Partnership Agreement to Deliver a Seamless National Economy.

Potential measures to reduce national security risks associated with fourteen toxic chemicals - NSLPD

The Attorney-General's Department proposes to consult the community and businesses that are involved in the supply chain of fourteen toxic chemicals about measures designed to reduce the national security risks associated with the chemicals.

Tackling organised crime and corruption at the waterfront by including the power to deny or revoke MSICs and ASICs based on compelling criminal intelligence and strengthening MSIC and ASIC security relevant offence requirements - NSLPD

On the 25 May 2012, the government announced the details of Task Force Polaris, which is a joint state and Australian Government taskforce set up to investigate organised crime on the waterfront in Sydney. As a result of the findings of this taskforce, the government announced at the same time its intention to implement the reforms to the ASIC and MISC Schemes.

Possible changes to anti-foreign bribery laws to remove the facilitation payments defence and other technical measures - CRJD

In November 2011 the government released a public consultation paper on possible amendments to Australia's laws criminalising the bribery of foreign public officials. The paper raised the possibility of removing the facilitation payments defence in section 70.4 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 to the foreign bribery offence.

Planned - Amendments to Regulation 4F and Schedule 6 of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 - CRJD

A number of amendments to the Regulations have been proposed to improve their operation including in relation to the definitions of magazines, parts and firearms accessories.