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Information for family dispute resolution practitioners

New condition for FDR practitioners

All accredited FDR practitioners must move to and engage with the online FDR Register in order to manage their own accreditation details in accordance with their obligations specified in Part 3 of the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008.

To onboard, practitioners must upload current evidence to show they meet the accreditation criteria. We will provide instructions to each FDR practitioner when it is their time to onboard to the new system.

For questions about the new FDR Register, contact the Practitioner Accreditation Unit:

This page contains general information for accredited family dispute resolution (FDR) practitioners about ongoing obligations and provides useful resources and tools.

If you are looking for information on how to become an FDR practitioner, visit the Becoming a family dispute resolution practitioner page.

For more information about services and advice for families, visit the Family Relationship Online website.


Accredited FDR practitioners are bound by obligations to their clients as well as obligations to remain accredited.

FDR practitioners must:

  • keep their contact details up to date in the FDR Register, including place of employment
  • ensure continued access to a suitable complaints mechanism that can be used by clients
  • maintain professional indemnity insurance
  • meet professional development requirements to undertake at least 24 hours professional development activities for every 2 years of accreditation
  • keep us up to date if they cease to practise as an FDR practitioner and anything else relevant to accreditation.

Practitioners must assess the suitability of the parties in dispute for FDR, ensure the confidentiality and inadmissibility of sessions and provide particular information to clients.

The following fact sheet on obligations will provide helpful information:

FDR practitioner obligations to parties in dispute

FDR practitioners also need to meet ongoing accreditation requirements. The following fact sheets provide details on accreditation obligations and general information about changing accreditation status:

FDR Practitioner Obligations—accreditation

Suspension and Cancellation of accreditation

For information about legal obligations not related to accreditation as an FDR practitioner, call the Family Relationship Advice Line on 1800 050 321.

Practice issues for FDR practitioners

FDR practitioners should be aware of latest developments in the family law system.

For information on general practice issues (based on frequently asked questions), read our factsheet:

General practice information for FDR practitioners

Before FDR starts

Before starting an FDR session with clients, practitioners must do a thorough client assessment to determine if the process is appropriate. Screening and assessment also assists family members to have their needs identified and, where safety concerns are identified, ensures that appropriate actions can be taken to protect those who are affected.

For more information on screening and assessment, read our factsheet:

Screening and Assessment

Exceptions to FDR

People are not required to attend FDR in circumstances where it may not be appropriate, for example, where there has been family violence or child abuse.

Find out more about general exceptions and family violence exceptions in our fact sheet:

Exceptions to Family Dispute Resolution

For more information about family violence, see our Family violence page.

Section 60I certificates

Certificates issued under section 60I of the Family Law Act serve the sole purpose of allowing people to file an application in court. Section 60I certificates can only be issued by people who have met the accreditation standards and remain accredited on the FDR Register.


Template s60I Certificate and general information sheet

WA s60I Certificate

Fact sheet on s60I certificates for FDR

FDR Register

We maintain the FDR Register. The register contains details of those practitioners accredited under the accreditation standards. FDR practitioners can choose to have their practice details made public on the FDR Register. The fact sheet below outlines how information is collected for the FDR Register and how that information is used.

FDR Register

Contact details

Practitioner Accreditation Unit
1800 025 255
Attorney-General's Department
3-5 National Circuit