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Important COVID-19 information
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Fair Entitlements Guarantee Recovery Program

A program designed to increase the recovery of amounts advanced under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG).

Under the FEG Recovery Program, liquidators of companies and bankruptcy trustees (where FEG advances have been made) can apply for funding to pursue recovery proceedings, such as litigation, to increase the returns available to creditors in the external administration.

Apply for FEG Recovery Funding

Apply for FEG Recovery online through FEG IP Online.

You can also complete an application form for funding assistance and email it to

FEG Active Creditor

The FEG Active Creditor area is part of the FEG Recovery Program. They ensure our department is an informed and engaged creditor.

The FEG Active Creditor area:

  • attends creditors’ meetings
  • takes part and participates in Committees of Inspection
  • reviews anticipated distributions
  • engages with insolvency practitioners on issues of law that concern the recovery of FEG advances.

Give feedback

To share feedback, complaints or compliments, email

We will manage your correspondence in accordance with the following key principles.

We will:

  • address feedback and complaints appropriately and consistently
  • let you know how the matter was dealt with and the outcome
  • aim to finalise our response to you within 20 business days or, if there are delays due to the nature of the correspondence, to keep you informed about its progress
  • refer you to another government department or agency if the matter is outside the scope of FEG Recovery Program
  • respond to you in plain language
  • regularly review feedback or complaints to identify areas where we can improve.

We will not respond to complaints made in rude or offensive language, or excessive and persistent correspondence.

Get more information

To enquire about the FEG Recovery Program or to speak with the FEG Active Creditor area, call the FEG Recovery Hotline on 02 5122 4111 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm AEST/AEDT).

To ask about a specific external administration matter, contact us at FEG IP Online.