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Work Health and Safety

We are responsible for the Commonwealth Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). The WHS Act applies to the Commonwealth, Commonwealth public authorities and a number of non-Commonwealth licensees.

Australia has model WHS laws, which are developed and administered by Safe Work Australia. Most jurisdictions, including the Commonwealth, have implemented model WHS laws. Victoria and Western Australia have similar laws in place.

The Commonwealth works closely with the states and territories through Safe Work Australia to develop and maintain the model WHS laws. These comprise the model WHS Act, model Regulations and model Codes of Practice.

State and territory WHS regulators are responsible for enforcing and regulating Australia’s WHS law. In the Commonwealth jurisdiction, the regulator is Comcare.

Meetings of WHS Ministers

Ministers responsible for WHS from the Commonwealth and each state and territory meet on occasion to discuss WHS matters of national importance. Outcomes from the meetings are recorded in communiqués.