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About the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre was established on 1 July 2019 as a two-year pilot.

We partner with government, non-government and international experts to:

  • identify and trial better practice approaches to mitigate fraud vulnerabilities
  • address barriers to effective fraud prevention including information sharing
  • provide support to agencies to design fraud resistant policies and programs.

Our role

We seek to build a strong and proactive national response to countering fraud against the Commonwealth.

Recent counter fraud initiatives demonstrate how policy design, interagency cooperation and the strategic use of both criminal and administrative responses can disrupt and prevent fraud.

What we do


We provide information and advice on fraud prevention initiatives and changes in legislation and policy to improve fraud prevention across Australia.

To do this we will:

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Provide guidance on fraud policy and legislative frameworks.

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Address barriers to effective fraud prevention, including information sharing.

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Share fraud prevention initiatives and better practice.

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Collate fraud resources and information.


We increase Australia's counter fraud capability by promoting better practice and providing tools and resources.

To do this we will:

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Develop tools and resources to increase knowledge of fraud risk and improve counter fraud capability.

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Promote training opportunities and qualifications for fraud practitioners and experts.

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Provide guidance on information and data sharing.


We support collaboration and knowledge sharing between Commonwealth agencies, states and territories, and the private sector to strengthen fraud prevention.

To do this we will:

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Facilitate collaboration between government agencies, private sector organisations and the international community.

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Facilitate knowledge sharing.

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Leverage better practice methods.

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Share key events and networking opportunities with the fraud prevention community.


New website coming soon

We are launching an upgraded website and protected web portal in 2020.

Key features include:

  • case studies highlighting counter fraud better practice
  • a place for practitioners to share and discuss protected-level information
  • collaborative tools including discussion boards and shareable resources
  • key news and articles of interest to the fraud community.

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