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Additional key documents

Commonwealth Risk Management Policy

The Commonwealth Risk Management Policy requires that the accountable authority of a Commonwealth entity must establish and maintain appropriate systems and internal controls for the oversight and management of risk. The policy binds all non-corporate Commonwealth entities and sets out the elements for an appropriate risk management framework under the PGPA Act.

Protective Security Policy Framework

The Protective Security Policy Framework is designed to help entities identify their individual levels of security risk tolerance, achieve the mandatory requirements for protective security expected by government and develop an appropriate security culture to meet their business goals securely.

Commonwealth Procurement Rules

The Department of Finance's Commonwealth Procurement Rules represent the Government Policy Framework under which entities govern and undertake their own procurement and combine both Australia's international obligations and good practice.

Australian Government Investigations Standards

The Australian Government Investigations Standards provide the minimum standard for agencies conducting investigations relating to the programs and legislation they administer. They are designed to allow entities (both large and small) to apply them to their own operations and to maintain a minimum quality standard within investigations. They are mandatory for all non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions' Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth promotes consistency in prosecution decision-making and informs the public of the principles upon which the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions performs its statutory functions.

Guidelines on Brief Preparation

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions' Guidelines on Brief Preparation set out a standard format for a brief of evidence.

Trusted Digital Identity Framework

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework is a set of rules and standards that accredited members of the digital identity federation must follow. It makes sure everyone has a safe, secure, consistent and reliable way to use government services online.  It consists of 19 documents including the Fraud Control Requirements which set out the fraud control requirements that government agencies and organisations need to meet in order to be accredited under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (updated September 2018).

Governance Standards for Charities

The Australian Government Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has Governance Standards for how a charity must run.


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