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Fraudster personas




Case studies reveal that fraudsters exhibit common, and often coinciding, methods to commit fraud. This means we can implement countermeasures for the methods they consistently employ.

We have used these known methods to develop the following fraudster personas. Understanding them can help you to:

  • evaluate your exposure to the methods of these types of fraudsters
  • assess your current capability in countering these types of fraudsters.

Note: fraudsters often exhibit behaviours from several different personas. For example, they may deceive a public official, impersonate another individual, fabricate evidence and then conceal their activity.


The Reckless The Deceiver The Impersonator The Fabricator
The Coercer The Exploiter The Concealer The Organised

The Reckless (acts without care, responsibility or regard to the consequences of their actions)
The Deceiver (uses false statements, misrepresentations, or withholding information)
The Impersonator (uses false or stolen identities, attributes or credentials)
The Fabricator (uses forged or manipulated documents or information)
The Coercer (uses dishonest influence, exploitation or bribery)
The Exploiter (misuses something, such as position or privilege)
The Concealer (cloaks or erases their activities to evade detection)
The Organised (groups who dishonestly gain a benefit by using any combination of the other methods in a planned, coordinated and sophisticated way)

Printable summary

Download an A3 printable summary of the fraudster personas. If you require these documents in a different accessible format please contact


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