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Administrative Review Council guide to standards of conduct for Tribunal members

Administrative Review Council publication

Administrative law
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Summary of the Guide

The Guide was first published by the Council in 2001, and this revised version is intended to promote interest in, and discussion and awareness of, standards of conduct for tribunal members. The revised Guide continues to focus on the seven key themes identified in the first edition – respect for the law, fairness, independence, respect for persons, diligence and efficiency, integrity, and accountability and transparency – and is intended to assist and complement tribunal management in maintaining the high level of standards expected of tribunal members.

As noted by the Attorney-General when launching the revised Guide, the updated version has been developed to reflect the evolving role of tribunals and changing public expectations of tribunal members. The Guide provides a behavioural reference point, an aid to accountability, and its identification and articulation of principles can be applied to merits review tribunals generally.