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Report 39 - Better Decisions: review of Commonwealth Merits Review Tribunals 1995

Administrative Review Council report

Administrative law
Publication date

Better Decisions: review of Commonwealth Merits Review Tribunals, 1995

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Summary of the report

The report was transmitted to the Government on 14 September 1995, and tabled on 28 September 1995.

The report contains 102 recommendations. The first 86 concern matters of general application to all tribunals, regardless of the structure of the review tribunal system. They cover such matters as: the objectives of the merits review system; review tribunal processes; tribunal membership; access, information and awareness; and, administration and management.

The last 16 recommendations concern the structure of the review tribunal system, and the relationship between its constituent parts. They include recommendations for the establishment of an integrated review tribunal body - the Administrative Review Tribunal ('ART').

Response to the report

The principal administrative law issue in the Attorney-General's portfolio continues to be the proposal for the establishment of the Administrative Review Tribunal.

The Council understands that the Attorney-General's Department is proceeding with implementation of the proposal through a working group, consisting of senior representatives from the existing tribunals and from the portfolio departments and agencies which will be responsible for funding the various divisions of the ART.

Further, the Council understands that the Department is working towards a commencement date of February 2001 for the new Tribunal.