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Review of the Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989 and the Disability Discrimination Regulations 1996


Closing date

The Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989 (AHRC Regulations) and the Disability Discrimination Regulations 1996 (DD Regulations) were due to sunset on 1 October 2019.

The Australian Government undertook a review into the currency and fitness-for-purpose of these Regulations prior to them being remade. The review considered the disability discrimination issues arising in both the AHRC Regulations and the DD Regulations and ensured that disability-related concepts are treated consistently between the two Regulations as far as possible.

The review was overseen by a panel comprising the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Alastair McEwin, a legal representative from the Australian Human Rights Commission and a senior official from the Attorney-General’s Department.

Consultation paper

The Attorney-General’s Department welcomed comments on the consultation paper for the review of the Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989 and the Disability Discrimination Regulations 1996.


Submissions closed Friday 12 April 2019. No further submissions will be accepted, no submissions were published.

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