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Important COVID-19 information
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Consultations and reviews

Closing date

National Register of Enduring Powers of Attorney

Closing date
Attorneys-General from each Australian jurisdiction have agreed to consult on possible arrangements for a National Register of Enduring Powers of Attorney. We have prepared a consultation paper to seek your views.

Enhancing protections relating to the use of Enduring Power of Attorney instruments

Closing date
In March 2020, a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement was released to examine the regulatory options under consideration, in order to understand their economic and social impacts, and determine the relative costs and benefits of proposed Enduring Power of Attorney safeguarding options.

Religious Freedom Bills – Second Exposure Drafts

Closing date
In 2019, The Australian Government invited submissions on the second exposure drafts of a package of legislation on religious freedom. Submissions closed Friday 31 January 2020.

Religious Freedom Bills – First Exposure Drafts

Closing date
In 2019, the Australian Government invited submissions on a package of legislative reforms on religious freedom. Submissions for this consultation closed on Wednesday, 2 October 2019.

APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules – Australia’s participation

Closing date
In July 2017, the Australian Government invited businesses and interested stakeholders to comment on a discussion paper about Australia's participation in the Cross Border Privacy Rules system. The system was developed by participating APEC economies with the aim of building consumer, business and regulator trust in cross border flows of personal information.