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The Government is now operating in accordance with the Caretaker Conventions, pending the outcome of the 2022 federal election.
Information on Caretaker Conventions can be found on the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.

Abhorrent violent material

On 6 April 2019 the Criminal Code Amendment (Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material) Act 2019 commenced.

Reporting abhorrent violent conduct

The Act requires content, internet and hosting providers to, within a reasonable time, report to the Australian Federal Police abhorrent violent conduct that is:

  • happening in Australia and
  • accessible through their services, or
  • hosted on their services.

The penalty for failing to do so is a fine of up to $177,600 (800 penalty units) for individuals and $888,000 (4,000 penalty units) for corporations.

Removing abhorrent violent material

The Act also creates a new offence for content and hosting service providers around the world who fail to expeditiously remove abhorrent violent material.

The penalty for a corporation that fails to remove content expeditiously is up to 50,000 penalty units ($11.1 million) or 10% of the annual turnover of the company, whichever is greater.

The penalty for a person who fails to remove content expeditiously is up to 10,000 penalty units ($2.22 million) and 3 years’ imprisonment.

eSafety Commissioner powers

The Act also provides the eSafety Commissioner the power to notify service providers that abhorrent violent material is available on their services. These notices create a presumption that the provider is aware of the material and puts providers on notice that such material should be removed.

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Available for download are the following documents:

These resources provide guidance on:

  • the offences contained in the Act and their operation
  • the obligations of internet service providers, hosting services and content services under the Act.​​​

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