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Foreign bribery

The Australian Government has a zero tolerance approach to foreign bribery and other forms of corruption.

Foreign bribery is bribery of a foreign public official. It is a serious criminal offence that carries heavy penalties.

Australia works actively with foreign governments to stamp out bribery, and strongly discourages companies from making facilitation payments.

Foreign bribery has many harmful effects. It harms Australia’s trade and investment interests and can inhibit the growth of Australian businesses.

It also corrodes good governance and contributes to social and economic inequality in local communities where it occurs.

The Australian Government supports ethical business practices, and the prosecution of those who engage in illegal practices. This helps to improve Australia's investment opportunities overseas and is an important aspect of Australia's global reputation.

Foreign bribery offences and penalties

Understand Australia’s foreign bribery offences and the penalties that apply.

Facilitation payments

The Australian Government recommends that individuals and companies make every effort to resist making facilitation payments. Find out about the corrosive effects of small facilitation payments.

Australia’s enforcement of the foreign bribery offence

Australia takes enforcement of the foreign bribery offence seriously. Find out about concluded foreign bribery cases in Australia.

Report foreign bribery

Report suspected foreign bribery.

Agency roles and responsibilities

Find out which Australian Government agencies are responsible for responding to foreign bribery.

International cooperation on foreign bribery

Find out about Australia’s international foreign bribery obligations and commitments and our work with the OECD.

Foreign bribery resources


Online learning module

Our free foreign bribery online learning module provides industry and government with advice on Australia's anti-bribery policy, relevant laws and how they apply.

It also outlines steps that businesses can take to help promote compliance.

Print resources

Download and print foreign bribery resources for industry and government.

Bribery Prevention Network

BPN Logo

The Bribery Prevention Network is a public-private partnership that brings together business, civil society, academia and government with the shared goal of supporting Australian businesses to prevent, detect and address bribery and corruption and promote a culture of compliance. We are a member of the Steering Committee that governs the Bribery Prevention Network.

The Bribery Prevention Network Hub is a free online site designed to help Australian businesses to prevent bribery and corruption.

Curated by Australia’s leading anti-bribery experts, it contains a range of accessible, relevant and reliable resources, including practical tools, guidance and training modules.

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Please note: we do not provide legal advice on the application of offence provisions or the legality of payments in a particular situation but can assist with general information about the offence.