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Australian Government Register of Lobbyists

We administer the Lobbying Code of Conduct (the code) and the Register of Lobbyists (the register).

The code helps to ensure that contact between lobbyists and Australian Government representatives is in line with public expectations of transparency, integrity and honesty.

Anyone who acts on behalf of third-party clients for the purpose of lobbying Australian Government representatives is considered a lobbyist, unless they are exempt under the code. Third-party lobbyists must be registered and comply with the requirements of the code.

Under the code, Australian Government representatives must only meet with third-party lobbyists who are registered.

The code was updated on 28 February 2022. To find out more about the changes, read the overview of the updates.

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To check if a lobbyist is registered under the code or to see other publicly available information about registered lobbyists, visit the public register.

To register under the code or update your registration, visit the user portal.

To find out more about the code and the register, read our factsheets:

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