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Important COVID-19 information
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Federal offenders

People who are convicted of a Commonwealth offence.

Federal offenders are people who are convicted of a Commonwealth offence, such as drug importation, terrorism or social security fraud. ​This information is for federal offenders. 

State and territory offenders should refer to state and territory corrective services websites.

Parole Information on the conditions that Commonwealth parolees must obey and what happens if they breach parole.

Early release of federal prisoners Apply for release before a non-parole period expires.

Interstate transfers Apply to transfer interstate on welfare grounds.

Appeals How to appeal a conviction or sentence, including the Royal Prerogative of Mercy.

Crimes superannuation benefits Information on legislation that enables the forfeiture and recovery of employer-funded superannuation benefits from Australian Government employees convicted of corruption offences.

State and territory corrective services websites

If you have been convicted of state or territory offences, visit the relevant state or territory corrective services website to find information that applies to you. This includes contact details for the relevant corrective services commissioner or minister.


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