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Information for Lobbyists

Lobbyists' guidance

The Lobbying Code of Conduct (the Code) requires that a registered lobbyist must submit updated details as soon as practicable, but no more than 10 business days after the change occurs. Upon registering, lobbyists must also disclose any previous employment as an Australian Government representative.

Clause 5.5 and 5.6 of the Code also requires all registered lobbyists to confirm or update their details within 10 business days of 31 January and 30 June each year. A lobbyist who does not meet this requirement may be removed from the Australian Government Register of Lobbyists (Register).

As part of the annual 30 June update, in addition to updating or confirming your registration, each person employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities must submit a new statutory declaration (giving effect to clause 10.1 of the Code).

A statutory declaration must also be provided when a new lobbyist is added to an existing registration as part of any update.

You should ensure that all the information necessary to confirm the veracity of your details on the Register is maintained in a readily accessible manner.

To update your details, please contact the responsible officer within your organisation. If you are the responsible officer for your organisation, please Sign in to your account and complete the relevant sections.

Prohibition on lobbying

Under the Code, people who retire from office as a Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary are prohibited from engaging in lobbying activities relating to any matter that they had official dealings with in their last 18 months in office, for a period of 18 months after they cease to hold office.

People who were employed in the Offices of Ministers or Parliamentary Secretaries under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 at Adviser level and above, members of the Australian Defence Force at Colonel level or above (or equivalent), and Agency Heads or persons employed under the Public Service Act 1999 in the Senior Executive Service (or equivalent), are prohibited from engaging in lobbying activities relating to any matter that they had official dealings with in their last 12 months of employment, for a period of 12 months after they cease their employment.

For more information, please see the latest Ministerial Standards.

Statutory declarations

A statutory declaration must be provided by all individuals who lobby Australian Government representatives on behalf of their third-party clients.

Under clause 10.1 of the Lobbying Code of Conduct, this statutory declaration must declare to the effect that the lobbyist:

  1. has never been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 30 months or more;
  2. has not been convicted, as an adult, in the last ten years, of an offence, one element of which involves dishonesty, such as theft or fraud; and
  3. is not a member of a state or federal political party executive, state executive or administrative committee (or the equivalent body).

Please ensure all sections of the statutory declaration form are completed and that the declaration is witnessed by an appropriately qualified person.  Incomplete statutory declarations may delay the processing of an application for inclusion on the Australian Government Register of Lobbyists.

Further information on how to complete a statutory declaration, including who can witness your statutory declaration, can be accessed on the Statutory declarations page.

Completed statutory declaration(s) should be uploaded and submitted using the Register portal.

Further information about the requirement to provide statutory declarations is provided in the Lobbying Code of Conduct.


Lobbyists' applications will normally be processed in five working days once their required documentation, including a statutory declaration, is received. Applications may be processed urgently, if required. You should contact and advise the Attorney-General's Department on (02) 6141 2666 between 0900 – 1200 and 1400 – 1700 ADST, Monday to Friday.​​​​​

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