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Specialist domestic violence assistance

The Australian Government provides ongoing funding to specialist domestic violence units and health justice partnerships. These services help women affected by family and domestic violence who may otherwise be unable to access the support they need.

Find a specialist domestic violence unit

Specialist domestic violence units provide tailored legal assistance and other holistic support. They can assist clients to access services such as:

  • financial counselling
  • tenancy assistance
  • trauma counselling
  • emergency accommodation
  • employment services.

The following organisations operate specialist domestic violence units:

Find a health justice partnerships

Through health justice partnerships, lawyers and health professionals work together to assist women experiencing domestic violence. Lawyers work at hospitals and health centres to ensure women can access legal assistance in a safe location. They also train health professionals to recognise when women have legal problems related to domestic violence.

The following organisations deliver health justice partnerships:

Download the pilot program evaluation

Social Compass completed an evaluation of the pilot program of specialist domestic violence units and health justice partnerships in February 2019.

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