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National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

All Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) issued in an Australian state or territory from 25 November 2017 are automatically recognised and enforceable across Australia.

The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme (NDVOS) aims to better protect victims and their families. Existing state and territory laws protecting victims and affected family members from domestic violence have not changed. Local police will enforce the conditions regardless of where the DVO was issued.

The following video provides a quick overview of the NDVOS.


Narrator: “The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme has been introduced.”

Narrator: “The law changed as of 25 November 2017.”

Narrator: “What does this mean? Victims are now protected, no matter where their domestic violence order is issued.

Narrator: “Perpetrators will be held to account for offences and breaches, nationwide.”

Narrator:  “Orders issued prior to 25 November 2017 can become nationally recognised.”

Narrator:  “By removing state and territory borders, we can better protect Australians.”

Narrator: “National enforcement of Domestic Violence Orders.”

Narrator:  “Visit the website to learn more about what this means for you.”

Narrator:  “”

If a DVO was issued prior to 25 November 2017, it can be declared at any time to ensure victims are protected nationwide by applying to any local court in Australia. It does not need to be a local court in the state or territory where the DVO was issued. A DVO does not need to be declared as nationally recognised if the victim is not travelling interstate and the primary residence is the same state or territory that the domestic violence order was issued.

If a DVO was issued on or after 25 November 2017, it will be automatically recognised nationally and no further action is required. If you have enquiries relating to your personal situation, contact your local court.

The Attorney-General's Department has policy responsibility for the scheme.​

National Domestic Violence Order Scheme – community materials

The following brochure is available to download in

State and territory contacts

If you are unsure if you need to take action or if you have any questions contact your local court or visit your relevant state or territory link listed below.

Jurisdiction Website
Australian Capital Territory ACT Magistrates Court
New South Wales New South Wales Local Court
Northern Territory Northern Territory Government - Courts and Tribunals
Queensland Queensland Courts
South Australia Courts Administration Authority of South Australia
Tasmania Tasmanian Department of Justice
Victoria Magistrates' Court of Victoria
Western Australia Magistrates Court of Western Australia