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Celebrant Associations and Networks

Find and join a celebrant association or network.

Join a celebrant association or network

There are groups that represent celebrants. These associations or networks can help you in your role as a celebrant.

You don't have to join, and we don’t recommend any one association or network.

To learn more, you should contact them directly.

Celebrant associations and networks contact details

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of South Australia Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Pamela Schultz
Phone Number: 0409 675 651

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Dawn Dickson
Phone Number: 0412 613 853

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Inc.
Contact Person: Mrs Stacey Maguire
Phone Number: 0423 280 215

Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Annemarie McDonell
Phone Number: 0433 930 352

Celebrant Institute
Contact Person: Sarah Aird

Celebrants Australia Inc.
Contact Person: Mr Mario Anders
Phone Number: 0418 564 852

Coalition of Celebrant Associations
Contact Person: Ms Sonia Collins
Phone Number: 0434 699 415

Humanist Celebrant Network
Contact Person: Mr Dally Messenger III
Phone Number: 0411 717 303

International College of Celebrancy Alumni and Friends Association
Contact Person: Ms Lynette Olsen
Phone Number: 0417 372 520

Marriage Celebrants Australia (Inc)
Contact Person: Ms Fay Davidson
Phone Number: 0409 110 090

Riverina Marriage Celebrants Association (RMCA)
Contact Person: Judy Van Der Vegt
Phone Number: 0458 201 655

The Celebrant Society
Contact Person: Johanna (Anna) Ferris
Phone Number: 0416 517 845

The Celebrants Network Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Sonia Collins
Phone Number: 0434 699 415

Phone Number: 03 9763 3313

Minutes from our meetings with celebrant associations and networks

We host regular meetings with associations and networks to discuss marriage issues.

It’s a valuable way to find out the views of associations and their members.

View the minutes from these meetings

Contact details

Marriage Law and Celebrants Section
1800 550 343
Outside Australia: +61 2 6141 3111
3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600