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Recognised religious denominations

For the purposes of the Marriage Act 1961.

Many religious organisations allow their ministers to perform marriage ceremonies.

For ministers to legally perform a ceremony, the organisation must:

The Marriage (Recognised Denominations) Proclamation 2018 lists all religious organisations recognised for the purposes of the Marriage Act.

Ministers of religion not associated with a recognised denomination may be authorised as a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant or religious marriage celebrant through the Marriage Celebrants Program.

Marriage stationery

Authorised marriage celebrants including ministers of religion can download marriage forms.

Becoming a recognised denomination

Religious organisations may apply for proclamation as a recognised denomination under the Marriage Act 1961.

The guidelines on how to become a recognised denomination were revised in May 2013. More information is available in the following information sheet:

Applications should be sent to:

Attn: Marriage Law and Celebrants Section
Attorney-General's Department
3–5 National Circuit

For more information about recognised denominations, email​​​

Contact details

Marriage Law and Celebrants Section
1800 550 343
Outside Australia: +61 2 6141 3111
3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600