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Networks / Associations for celebrants

Find and join a network or association for celebrants.

Join a network or association for celebrants

There are groups that represent celebrants. These associations or networks can help you in your role as a celebrant.

You don’t have to join, and we don’t recommend any 1 association or network.

To learn more, you should contact them directly. 

Celebrant associations and networks contact details

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of South Australia Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Pamela Schultz
Phone Number: 0409 675 651

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Dawn Dickson
Phone Number: 0412 613 853

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Inc.
Contact Person: Mrs Stacey Maguire
Phone Number: 0423 280 215

Celebrant Institute
Contact Person: Sarah Aird

Celebrants Australia Inc.
Contact Person: Mr Mario Anders
Phone Number: 0418 564 852

Coalition of Celebrant Associations
Contact Person: Ms Sonia Collins
Phone Number: 0434 699 415

Humanist Celebrant Network
Contact Person: Mr Dally Messenger III
Phone Number: 0411 717 303

International College of Celebrancy Alumni and Friends Association
Contact Person: Ms Lynette Olsen
Phone Number: 0417 372 520

Marriage Celebrants Australia (Inc)
Contact Person: Ms Fay Davidson
Phone Number: 0409 110 090

Riverina Marriage Celebrants Association (RMCA)
Contact Person: Judy Van Der Vegt
Phone Number: 0458 201 655

The Celebrant A-List
Contact Person: Mr Anthony Cribbes
Phone Number: 0410 494 225

The Celebrant Society
Contact Person: Johanna (Anna) Ferris
Phone Number: 0416 517 845

The Celebrants Network Inc.
Contact Person: Ms Sonia Collins
Phone Number: 0434 699 415

Phone Number: 03 9763 3313

The Professional Celebrants Association Inc.
Contact Person: Mr Guy Piper
Phone Number: 0412 448 720

Minutes from our meetings with celebrant networks / associations

We host regular meetings with associations and networks to discuss marriage issues.

It’s a valuable way to find out the views of associations and their members.

Download the minutes from these meetings:

Contact details

Marriage Law and Celebrants Section
1800 550 343
Outside Australia: +61 2 6141 3111 
3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600