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Marriage Celebrants Program Review


Closing date

The Australian Attorney-General's Department's Marriage Law and Celebrants Section (MLCS) administers the Marriage Celebrants Program. The program is cost-recovered in accordance with Australian Government frameworks and guidelines which require government to be efficient in the charging arrangements and associated activities. Part of MLCS's role involves ensuring the program is cost effective and efficient, and minimises regulatory burden.

The department held a public consultation on the program from 1 to 22 October 2019. The consultation included a survey covering two key aspects of the program

  • the registration process for aspiring marriage celebrants
  • ongoing professional development

Consultation paper

The department prepared the following short paper to assist respondents to take part in the consultation.

Consultation Paper: Marriage Celebrants Program Review

Consultation or review
The purpose of this public consultation is to seek the views of interested stakeholders to identify opportunities to streamline the administrative and regulatory arrangements associated with the Marriage Celebrants Program.


Survey results from the Marriage Celebrants Program Review

Consultation or review
This report provides a summary of survey results based on the 2,203 responses received during the Marriage Celebrants Program Review survey.


These survey results are one part of the stakeholder engagement process the department will be drawing on when considering proposed changes to the program.

Further consultation will occur through targeted stakeholder engagement, including through association meetings.

Contact details

If you have any questions about the consultation you can