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Establishment of an accreditation system for Children’s Contact Services

Children's Contact Services (CCS) occupy a unique and important position within Australia's family law system. Their core business focuses on the needs of children whose parents are separating or separated and who cannot manage contact arrangements. The Australian Government funds 64 CCS around Australia. There are also a number of for-profit or privately operated CCS operating in Australia. These do not receive government funding and the Australian Government has no regulatory oversight of their service delivery standards.

The government is committed to ensuring the safety of families who access family law services and to maintaining high service standards within the sector. This is why we are exploring options for the implementation of an accreditation scheme for CCS.

Consultation paper

In March 2021 a Consultation paper Establishment of an Accreditation Scheme for Children's Contact Services was released. The consultation closed on 28 May 2021. Read a summary report of all the submissions along with the submissions with consent to publish.


The second round of consultation on CCS accreditation will be a series of themed workshops via WebEx in February and March 2022.

We will use the workshops to gain a clearer understanding of the industry's preferences for an accreditation scheme and to test different options with stakeholders.

For more information on the themes and the schedule of the workshops, visit the consultation workshops page or email

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