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Parenting orders – what you need to know

Family dispute resolution
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This publication has been prepared by the Attorney-General's Department with the assistance of Professor Richard Chisholm AM. It is a practical resource to assist parents with drafting parenting orders. The need for such a publication was recognised in the Family Law Council report Improving Post-Parenting Order Processes (2007).

Many separated parents can—and, indeed, prefer to—agree on arrangements for their children without going to court. By resolving their differences in this way, parents can reduce stress for themselves and their children, as well as saving time and money.

The handbook aims to help separated parents agree on arrangements for their children, and support them to develop workable parenting orders. It has been designed to assist parents to understand the key legal principles that need to be considered when developing parenting orders.

Every family is different, and so the handbook provides examples and tips to guide parents on deciding what orders are best for their children.

It will also be helpful to people assisting parents, including legal practitioners, counsellors, and mediators. Importantly, it will help people produce clearly written parenting orders that are made with the best interests of the child at heart.

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