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Tenders and contracts

Find a tender opportunity

Visit AusTender to search for any of our open approach to market tenders.

We also publish our Annual Procurement Plan (APP) on AusTender. This provides potential suppliers with an indication of likely procurements in the coming financial year.

Visit AusTender to find details of all contracts worth $10,000 or above that we have entered into.

Make a procurement complaint

Email your complaints about the conduct of a procurement process to the contact officer (or the tender email address) listed in your procurement documentation. Please copy in to your email.

You should let us know as soon as you become aware of the conduct that forms the basis of your complaint.

We handle complaints in line with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (GPJR Act).

What to include in your complaint

In your complaint:

  • list the commonwealth procurement rule you think we have breached or are proposing to breach
  • provide sufficient detail about the issue to allow us to investigate and respond to it
  • tell us how your interests are or will be affected
  • details of any other conduct that you are complaining about
  • include any relevant evidence.

Your obligations as a complainant

For information on your obligations as a supplier when raising a complaint under the GPJR Act, refer to the Handling complaints under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 Resource Management Guide 422.

Send us an invoice

Email your invoice for payment to

Or you can mail it to: GPO Box 1245, TUGGERANONG BC ACT 2901.

What to include in your invoice

Your invoice must include:

  • title of the services and details of the work performed
  • name of the AGD contact officer (and their email address if your invoice is not related to a purchase order)
  • contract number
  • your ABN (and ACN, if applicable)
  • your bank account details (if you have not already told us).

If you are not providing a separate GST invoice, you must also include any other information needed to make sure you comply with the GST Act.

E-invoicing enabled

As part of the Australian Government’s Digital Business Plan, we are now set up for e-invoicing. This will assist us to pay invoices from you in 5 days, if you are eligible and e-invoicing enabled.

About e-invoicing

E-invoicing is the automated digital exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer's and supplier's accounting systems.

Australia uses the internationally established PEPPOL e-invoicing framework. It contains common standards that allow invoice exchange between different accounting systems.

Our PEPPOL number is 0151:92661124436.

How to get ready

To start using e-invoicing you’ll need to check with your software provider to see if they are offering PEPPOL accredited e-invoicing and what you need to do to also be enabled.

Businesses who want to get started with e-invoicing can find out more on the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website.

You can also look up the ATO’s e-invoicing accredited service providers list to find who is already registered and offering e-invoicing.

For questions about our implementation of e-invoicing, email

Purchases above $10,000

If the purchase is for $10,000 or above, you must include the relevant purchase order number. Your invoice should only relate to a single purchase order.

Contact details

Procurement, Corporate Services Division
02 6141 6666