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We regularly conduct public consultations to better understand the views and concerns of our stakeholders and the broader community.

Visit our Consultation Hub to find open consultations and provide feedback on topics that interest you.

Closed consultations

We will publish the outcomes of consultations held from October 2021 onwards on our Consultation Hub.

To find consultations held before October 2021, see below.

Review of the 2015-19 National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery

Closing date
To support the development of the National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery 2020-25, review of the 2015-19 Plan​ was undertaken to identify areas of development under the next National Action Plan. ​​

Reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework consultation

Closing date
The Government has committed to reform Australia’s laws governing electronic surveillance. As the first step in public consultation, the Government released a discussion paper.

Review of the Privacy Act 1988

Closing date
On 12 December 2019, the Attorney-General announced that the Australian Government would conduct a review of the Privacy Act 1988 to ensure privacy settings empower consumers, protect their data and best serve the Australian economy. The review was announced as part of the government’s response to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Digital Platforms Inquiry.

2021-22 Review of the Legislation Act 2003

Closing date
Under Section 59 of the Legislation Act 2003, the Attorney-General was required to appoint a body to review all aspects of the operation of the Legislation Act.

Ensuring fair and reasonable returns to class action members

Closing date
On 30 September 2021, the Attorney- General and the Treasurer jointly announced for consultation exposure draft legislation to promote a fair and reasonable distribution of class action proceeds in proceedings involving a third party litigation funder.

Inquiry into the use of the term good faith in civil penalty and criminal offence provisions in Commonwealth legislation

Closing date
The department has published a consultation paper for the inquiry into the use of the term good faith, in civil penalty and criminal offence provisions in Commonwealth Legislation along with a call for submissions.

A New Decision-Making Framework for Property Matters in Family Law

Closing date
A consultation paper is being released seeking stakeholder feedback on approaches to simplifying the property provisions in the Family Law Act, in response to ALRC recommendations.

National Register of Enduring Powers of Attorney

Closing date
Attorneys-General from each Australian jurisdiction have agreed to consult on possible arrangements for a National Register of Enduring Powers of Attorney. We have prepared a consultation paper to seek your views.

Guaranteeing a minimum return of class action proceeds to class members

Closing date
The Australian Government is consulting on the best way to guarantee a statutory minimum return of the gross proceeds of a class action.

Review of direct cross-examination ban - Family Law Act 1975

Closing date
In late 2018, the Australian Government passed amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (the Act) to protect victims of family violence by banning direct cross-examination in certain circumstances in family law matters involving family violence. These include situations where there are convictions, charges or final family violence orders in place between the parties.

Consultation on the future of OPD for marriage celebrants

Closing date
Consultation on the future of ongoing professional development (OPD) for marriage celebrants, discussion paper and OPD survey. The discussion paper provides options for possible future OPD requirements for marriage celebrants. The survey seeks to capture celebrant views on the options.

The bankruptcy system and the impacts of coronavirus

Closing date
This webpage provides information about public consultation on possible changes to the bankruptcy system to inform the government’s ongoing response to address the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Bankruptcy Regulations 2021 – Exposure Draft consultation

Closing date
The Bankruptcy Regulations 1996 are due to sunset on 1 April 2021. We have been working to remake the existing regulations, with minor and technical amendments proposed.

Singapore Convention on Mediation

Closing date
This webpage provides information about a public consultation we held on the Singapore Convention on Mediation.

Industry Consultation on Financial Products and the Personal Property Securities Act

Closing date
The department is seeking the views of industry experts on the provisions in the Personal Properties Act 2009 regarding financial property and intermediated securities.