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Important COVID-19 information
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Gifts and benefits register

The following table lists any gifts or benefits valued above $100 (ex GST) that the Secretary or acting Secretary has accepted in the course of duties as Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department, dating back to 18 October 2019.

Gift item/ benefit/ serv​ice Recipient (agency contact if not received directly by Secretary) Giver Occasion Estimated value in $A*
19-20 Financial year 21/01/2020 Membership for Virgin Lounge Access Former Secretary Virgin Australia Airlines Not applicable Not applicable
19-20 Financial year 21/01/2020 Membership for Chairman's Lounge Access Former Secretary Qantas Airlines Not applicable Not applicable
9/02/2020 21/01/2020 1 Ticket to Concert Beethoven 1,2,& 3 Former Secretary Australian Chamber Orchestra Not applicable $100


The following table lists any gift or benefit valued over $100 (ex GST) that an employee of the Attorney-General’s Department has received, dating back to 1 February 2020.

Gift item/ benefit/ serv​ice Received by Presented by Occasion Estimated value in $A*
05/03/2020​ 05/03/2020 2 tickets to attend Legalwise Seminar – 10 Points in one Day: Government Practice Seminar Lottie Flaherty Legalwise Seminars, Australia In exchange for Chairing Session 3 of 10 Points in One Day: Government Practice Seminar on 5 March 2020 $980 (combined, $490 per ticket)
28/08/2020​ 25/09/2020 1 bunch of flowers, 1 photo frame, 1 platter, 1 painting Not applicable South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation Conclusion of secondment of officer $400
07/10/2020 13/10/2020 Invitation to attend a dinner Not applicable Kristie Steggles Celebration of STEPtember campaign $100
19/10/2020 02/11/2020 Levo HT E-Bike Not applicable Customer team, National Circuit Network All staff who registered for a free bike health check were entered into a draw to win an E-Bike $4,400
25/03/2021 14/04/2021 Ben Saul International Law Books Susan Robertson Ben Saul, University of Sydney Complimentary books for Office of International Law library $990
04/05/2021 05/05/2021 Two academic textbooks Not applicable Andrew Rich, Herbert Smith Freehills Author provided two copies of textbook free of charge. $600

*wholesale value in country of origin or current market value in Australia (excluding GST)

Current as at 30 June 2021.​​​